Moving business forward, faster

Who we are

AKcelerate is a bespoke business development, marketing and communications consultancy for the AEC industry. 

Led by Alicia Koledin, Assoc. AIA, we are committed to cultivating specialized strategies that get you more of the projects you really want. 

Whether your case stories need a hook, or you website a new look, we can help tailor your firm's unique voice—one that clients hear loud and clear.  

Alicia L. Koledin, Assoc. AIA
Alicia is our Founding Principal.
Connect with her here.
Why we're worth it
Our mission is your mission—to build better relationships that lead to better projects.

Better relationships start with better communication. A "recovering architect" herself, Alicia has spent over two decades in the AEC industry, in design, technical and business roles.

That experience, combined with a strong journalism background, offers a unique skill set. One that can effectively translate “archispeak” into language your clients understand, while convincing them you’re the best team for their job.
"Several times in the refresh of our brand and relaunch of our website, we had more content to create than we had time and hands to handle. We turned to Alicia to shepherd through project case studies of some of our more technical and complex services. That work spilled over into other assignments, also on new technologies, which she quickly learned and could clearly articulate. Alicia remains our go-to writer anytime we need help." 

- Jim Kent, Principal and Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Thornton Tomasetti 
What we do

If you're like most of our clients, when it comes to marketing, you just don't know where to start.

That's OK. We help get you going and will stay with you until you've got it.

We'll audit your marketing efforts and provide recommendations for improvements. 

Next, we'll help identify your goals and build a strategic marketing and communications plan to achieve them.

Then we'll work with you on executing that plan, every step of the way, for as long as it takes.   

"AKcelerate has provided AYON Studio with very precise strategic planning that has been critical to foster the firm’s potential and capitalize on the Studio’s work and accomplishments. We are moving in the right direction thanks to AKcelerate’s advice."

- Angel Ayón, AIA, LEED AP AYON Studio Architecture • Preservation, P.C.

How we do it
You are unique. That's why we don't offer one-size-fits-all solutions. 

We listen carefully and ask the right questions, then tailor strategies and messaging that confirm and support your firm's specific identity.

We also help inspire. Through participation, collaboration and ongoing learning—we continuously reinforce our own knowledge base to apply best practices for all our clients.

Our values

Partnering for change 
We believe more just outcomes can be achieved. By collaborating with companies that work to build better places,  we can ensure the future is resilient, sustainable, fair and equitable.

Supporting our own
Successful entrepreneurship within underrepresented groups is inspiring. A sole-proprietor, women-owned 
business, we focus on helping other small businesses and M/WBEs prosper.  

Practicing perfection 
Experience contributes to knowledge and knowledge to practice. We continually practice, hone and improve our services to achieve the best results for our clients.

Creating authenticity
Integrity is the backbone of everything we do. If the message isn't clear, that's probably because it's not true. We work to get communications right—the first time.

Building the right team
We're not always the experts. Sometimes our colleagues can offer more than we can alone. If so, we don't hesitate to bring them on board for whatever you need. 

Say hi
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Building a business is tough, and so is maintaining one. Who has time to think about marketing?

We do. AKcelerate can help make sure that, whatever keeps you up at night, it's not marketing.

Whether your firm needs help starting out—or you just need a fresh viewpoint, an editor's eye, or an extra hand—we'd love to talk to you and see how we can help you...Move business forward, faster.®